Putting An End to the Entrecard Drama

You can help me get rid of my credits!

Well, Entrecard users: it is time for me to put this card dropping system to rest. By the end of this month, if not much sooner, I plan on exiting Entrecard once and for all.

EntrecardI don’t remember when I first started using EC, but I believe I am one of its earlier adopters. At one time I was dropping cards for four of my sites, but cut back to three, then two in recent months. Right now this blog and Word Journey (WJ) are in the system, but I stopped accepting ads for WJ two weeks ago and for this blog last week.

Exiting Entrecard

I plan on running an “Exiting Entrecard” contest effective immediately to help me give rid of my credits, but I will save those details for the end of this article. In the meantime, I thought I’d share my reasons for leaving as I have several, but not everyone is an indictment on the way that EC goes about its business:

  • No more time. I used to drop as many as 300 cards per blog daily, but those days are long gone. These days I generally drop on whoever dropped on me earlier in the day which means I rarely hit 100 drops on any given day.
  • Lots of people have moved on. We’ve all been seeing EC users come and go, but it seems the ‘go’ part has dominated of late. Some of the most avid users are no longer on the site, while a bunch of newbies have taken their place. Unfortunately, the commitment level and enthusiasm from new users are both sorely lacking.
  • EC doesn’t seem to care. Perhaps the most telling reason for some users is that the Entrecard team just doesn’t seem to care about its own site all that much. Sure, if you buy credits and take “advantage” of their offers, then they care. But, when you kill off a forum and you don’t update your blog all that often, I think that these things send out a signal that you aren’t passionate about your business.
  • Too much junk. The biggest problem with EC right now are all of the sites which look or act like crap. Certainly not all of them, maybe not anywhere near a majority, but enough of them to cause mischief. My anti-virus alerts goes nuts with some of these sites while other sites, though not sending out viruses, malware, or trojans, take forever to load. Way too many widgets and nearly impossible to find their EC drop cards. Ugh.

Contest Details

Now on to my Exiting Entrecard or EE contest: this is an easy one. Simply leave a thoughtful comment here and I will send you some credits. I haven’t determined an exact amount, but the “smarter” your comment, the more generous I will be. Feel free to link to your site (that way I can deposit credits accordingly) and, if you mention on your site this article and offer an active link to it, my generosity will suddenly increase.

Once my last ads have run and my credits have been exhausted, then I’ll cancel my account. Someone may win as many as 1000 EC credits so have at it.

Anyway, it has been an interesting experience using Entrecard. I hope to keep up with many of you elsewhere, but as far as EC goes the drama is about over!

Hanging In With Entrecard

I forget how long I have been using Entrecard, but I am still active with this traffic generating social networking site. I don’t drop cards every day and rarely do I come anywhere near the 300 card drop limit.

EntrecardFunny, all those blurbs about dropping 300 cards in 5 to 15 minutes just doesn’t seem to work for me. It takes me at least 45 minutes, sometimes longer to get through 300.

Regular Visitors

What I do not do enough of is to acknowledge people who visit Matt’s Musings by way of Entrecard. I know a lot of you do and some of you are my top droppers.

January 2009 statistics are in and I would like to thank and recognize the Top 10 Entrecard droppers for the month. They are:

The Way I See It

Patsy’s Words of Wisdom

One World Realty

Cooking Japanese Style


Cornymans Money-Blog, everything about financial independence


The One Minute Guide


Best travel pictures in the world

I have started to use Adgitize again and must say that I am disappointed in this service. Twice within the first ten days they were down, sometimes for two or three days at a time.  I understand that websites have problems but prolonged outages are annoying.

Using Adgitize

Entrecard, thankfully, seems to have moved past its growing pains so let’s hope that Adgitize will soon be able to do the same thing. In any case, these kinds of sites can be useful in helping bring in some extra traffic as well as comments to your blog. I have been leaving comments more often too so hopefully our combined efforts will benefit everyone.

I also appreciate my advertisers, many of whom are regulars too. That means I will need to keep track of who is advertising and thank them in a follow up Entrecard post.

Unrelated Business

Not related to Entrecard or Adgitize but still of importance are people who are leaving comments but are doing certain things that are definitely not kosher.

For example, when filling out the spot for your name please use only your real name. The name of your company or anything besides your real name should never be used. Granted, I will sometimes change your comment to reflect your real name (if known) or if your comment is still good, I’ll make up a name. All other comments I delete.

It is considerate when people fill out there comments correctly. You already get a nice link back to your site, but I don’t want to see links within comments unless they are related to the article. Still, use the line on the comment form to include that link.

I apologize for closing with this point, but I have seen a sharp uptick in the number of people who are spamming this blog.