Bluegreen Corporation Sucks. Really.

Last night I was the victim of a Bluegreen Corporation hard sell.

Just before 8 p.m. I took a call from a phone number I didn’t recognize–that was my first mistake. My second mistake was not doing what I usually do when I find out that I’ve received a sales call: tell the party calling that I’m not interested and hang up.

Instead, I listened briefly to the pitch and responded by saying that I wasn’t interested in a Myrtle Beach vacation. When he offered up Pigeon Forge, TN as a second choice I similarly declined. And that is when things began to get ugly.

Immediately, I could tell that the Bluegreen Corporation representative was taking my responses personally. Clearly, I wasn’t interested in either location and when he pressed me for where I would like to go, I told him that I wasn’t going to tell him.

For the next five minutes, the back and forth exchange grew increasingly heated with Mr. Bluegreen attempting to tell me why I had to listen to his pitch. I reminded him that he is the sales guy and that I, as an uninterested non-customer, didn’t have to listen to anything. When I told him to put our number on the national “do not call” registry list, he grew more defensive and said that he wouldn’t. Big mistake on his part.

Some info for you: the Federal Trade Commission has specific rules concerning “do not call” that all companies must follow. A word for companies: when someone shows no interest in your product then move on to the next person. Because this guy from Bluegreen was insistent on pushing his product against my will he generated two things against his company: an FTC complaint and my clearly unfavorable response on this blog.

Will complaining here do much to dissuade Bluegreen Corporation and their pushy sales staff? Maybe not. The company is based in Boca Raton, Florida and has been around since 1966. They’re big on timeshares and I’m sure they got a hold of us when someone in my family filled out an entry form for this or that prize on display at the Cary Towne Center mall near our home. Big mistake on our part.

Sure, Bluegreen Corporation may be big on “Colorful Places to Live and Play,” but that doesn’t mean that I want to participate nor am I interested in doing my part by advancing their position on the New York Stock Exchange (BXG) through helping their stock sell for more than the $2.63 per share it closed at on July 22.

But, I am willing to share time and again how Bluegreen Corporation treats its callers as well as share links to quality websites where people complain about their Bluegreen timeshares.

Enough said.