Become A Digital CEO And Travel The World While Running Your Small Business

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to run your business from the beach? There’s thousands of people doing it already and all they need to take with them is a backpack full of equipment. Everything else is online and waiting for them to get off the airplane. You could be that person who can work from anywhere, but first you need to put a system in place so you can take yourself out of the business. That’s the easiest way to be free to travel anywhere you want.

You won’t have much room to take stuff with you because it gets heavy after a while, but luckily if you pack correctly and sort out all the software you will need it won’t matter how much you pack. We’re going to look at some of these thing today so you’re one step closer to becoming a digital CEO and living the life of your dreams. You could actually start testing out everything written below by working from a coffee shop then you will know what small tweaks you need to make before you start your adventure.

Keeping in contact
You’re lucky because it’s much easier to keep in contact with people when you’re globetrotting with your laptop. There’s always email, but when you need to have an actual conversation with someone you won’t find anything more convenient than Skype. Being able to see someone’s face is also a great thing when you run a business just because you can’t have a proper relationship with the people who work for you without being able to see each other.

Backing up your life
Being out on the open road doesn’t mean you can’t guarantee your important documents are safely tucked away somewhere. Carrying around an external hard drive is definitely not safe enough. That’s why the only way to secure your company’s future is by saving everything you have in an online storage space. This means you have access to it no matter what happens to your laptop. If you want to be even more secure you can save it in more than one place.

Microphone and earphones
When you speak to someone over the Internet there is sometimes problems with understanding what each of you are saying. There could be a lot of noise on your end and for that you’d need a microphone and earphones. The microphone is for making sure the other person understands exactly what you say and the earphones are for your benefit. When running your business it’s a necessity.

An Internet dongle
When you don’t have a cellular iPad or a certain type of Smartphone you will need something to guarantee you have access to the Internet as much as possible. When you’re traveling around you can’t expect to have Wi-Fi in every single place. If you have a dongle you can insert a local SIM card and connect to the Internet through the 3G signal. It means you’re not left with nothing to do all the time when in a strange place with no online access.

Keep your mail coming and going
Mail is obviously a huge problem if you don’t have anyone at home to collect it and if you’re sending it from abroad you’re in for a treat. You have two amazing solutions. The first one is to get a new company address from a special mailing service. They will collect mail and make sure you receive it by email. They’ll even go as far as to destroy it afterwards. Then you have services where you can write a letter and the company will print and send it. You have just solved your mail problem.

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