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What it takes to make your blog stand out.

Welcome to the blogosphere! Are you thrilled with your blog or are you looking for more? More, as in increased traffic, better photos and ample ad income? I know exactly how you feel! If you want an effective blog, then operating under the premise of “business as usual” is not something that you want to do. Rather, you must set your blog apart from the multitude to help it shake the blogosphere. You might even make some extra money too!

5 Steps To Better Blogging

bloggingMy personal blogs have to perform to the point where I want them to perform which requires some dedicated work on my part. But, I’m up to that challenge! So, let’s review some ways that you can build a better blog:

1. Your Traffic — I’ve built up traffic to my blogs by connecting them to several sites that I control. My thinking is this: I might as well take advantage of what I have in order to advance what I control. Additionally, when I guest blog on other sites I am not timid about linking up to my other blogs. Ultimately, I add tons of natural links to each blog, a step that has kept the traffic growing.

2. Your Photos — Most certainly, including images with your blog posts is mandatory and with each entry too. On one of my business blogs, I will regularly contact companies and ask for the right to use one or more pictures that they own, and include it with an article I am writing about that business. Of course with this request I am not about to knock the company, so don’t go down that path if you want to receive their assistance. Many people are happy to help as they see you assisting them in promoting their business, even if you’re doing so indirectly.

3. Your News — Replicating and pasting news releases word for word is a bit much and is considered unprofessional. Nevertheless, citing parts of the news release such as using executive quotes and linking back to the original release is a wise move. I have seen blogs where a passing reference is made to a news release, but the words are purely that of the writer’s. This allows you to harness a trusted news source and put your own twist to the story.

4. Your Themes — WordPress is recognized by many as being the best blogging platform and the amount of themes created by users of this blogging software is impressive. Yet, even the default WordPress theme is rather nice which I’ll sometimes use when I’m first launching a new blog. For other blogs, I like to download an uncluttered, but colorful theme that is easy on the eyes and offers visual appeal.

5. Your Ads — Most definitely, there is no need to overpower your visitors with ads, but operating without ads isn’t helpful either, especially if you are wanting to monetize your blog. The essential Google AdSense adverts can be useful as can any banner ad space that you can offer for sale. The thinking with most bloggers is that you should get paid at least something for all of your hard work!

Personal Sweat Equity

Truly, there is plenty that you can do to shape a more masterful blog. If you want to send your blog to the top of your segment, it does take hard work and plenty of it. Put the sweat equity into your web log and you will harvest the reward of more traffic and greater income. Get noticed by building a better web log right now!

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  1. Theresa Young says:

    You’ve nailed them all. I will start to improve my blog so it could be a winning one. Thanks for the tips above. How many ads should be appropriate for a page?

    Theresa Young´s last blog post ..How To Pick Up GirlsMy Profile

  2. Matthew C. Keegan says:

    @Theresa Three, possibly four ads should work out. Experiment with your site to find out what ads people are interested in and read. You may need to change sizing, placement or color schemes to make these work.


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